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Stuck. Out of order. Unfulfilled. Overwhelmed. Lonely. Depressed. Frustrated. Burnt out. Just flat out tired of being tired. If any of these words ring true in your life, then you’re in the right place!

After 20+ years of allowing those words and the baggage of other people’s opinions to control my life, I couldn’t help but notice that my pain, issues & lack, were having negative impact on my kids, marriage and real purpose.

So I fought myself, for myself.

The success of my own mindset shifts and life transformation, led me to start helping other purpose driven people who are where I use to be. Parents who are ready to move through the pain of toxic/blended/special needs/bonus parenting, lack and overcoming infidelity & walk into the purpose and abundant life God created them for. All while giving the children attached to them an example of how to overcome and do the same.

I’m ready to help you push through… But are you ready to fight yourself for yourself and legacy? If you think so, then let’s do life!

Mrs. Intentional

It's Time To...

  • S.H.I.F.T. (Seek His (Gods) Intentions For Total Transformation)
  • Find God's purpose in our pain, obstacles and challenges so we can get through & not just over them
  • Learn, apply & grow in every area of our lives via biblical and practical tools & strategies
  • Unbecome, live & break free from the boxes we've allowed society, past experiences, friends, family & our self limiting beliefs confine & turn us into
  • Be our children's first example of what love, life and being looks like​
  • Create an environment that the children attached to us can thrive & not just survive in​
  • Get out of our own way & into God's will & order for our lives
  • Operate out of wisdom instead of feelings
  • Become the people we were created to be
  • Do life together
  • Be D.O.P.E!! (Dominate On Purpose Everyday)

It's time to fight yourself, for yourself, family and legacy.

What You'll Gain

Look, I know you don’t need advice from another “self-proclaimed expert, guru, or influencer without substance.” Thank God I’m none of those! You’re a parent who doesn’t have any time to waste, (and when you do it’s usually occupied by a glass of wine, your favorite reality tv show, some quiet time or sports if you’re a fanatic like my hubby). What you need is a real community with real tools and strategies to help get you through your journey. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to gain from this growing platform and community:

A New You

Doing something different will never permanently solve a problem. But being different will.

Value of Self

After 20+ years of searching for unconditional love, I finally found it in God & myself. It’s time for you to do the same.

A Legacy of Freedom

Don’t think the residue of your problems aren’t staining your children. As their first example in life, give them a reflection that you won’t have to shatter later.


We don’t sit in pain, frustration or lack over here! We push each other to learn, grow, apply and take fast action on our lives.

Information, Inspiration & Transformation

Life’s a journey and getting through your journey isn’t always easy. That’s why motivation will never be good enough and inspiration alone won’t do it either. You need to be inspired while gaining practical information that will help you transform your life.

A Growth Mindset

There are so many resources out there for kids, like this one, but what about instilling a growth mindset in adults? Around here, we’re navigating through those fixed mindsets and educating ourselves on what a growth mindset really is and how to instill one in ourselves.

Growth doesn't happen in your comfort zone & transformations don't happen overnight.

The children in your life don't have time for you to "think about it." They need you to take fast action

Are you ready?

Let's Do Life!

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© 2019, The Purpose Village LLC. All rights reserved.

© 2019, The Purpose Village LLC. All rights reserved.